History of the Internet

How quickly internet technology has developed is fascinating to me as in a mere forty-six years it has gone from being a simple technology to communicate data between two universities to being a worldwide phenomenon that allows anyone to search for any piece of information they like, and communicate with people all over the world. Before Arpanet was released these technologies were extremely limited, and before that there simply was no technology but a piece of paper, a pen, and some poor bloke delivering the message by horseback. When you consider that 150 years ago we didn’t even have such a thing as telephones, the speed of development in internet technology is astounding. For a closer look at just how the internet has developed over time I looked at our essential reading – Chapman, C. (2009) The History of the Internet in a Nutshell. How amazing is it that something so incredible can be created, developed, and expanded so astronomically over such a short period time when it took humanity so long to even develop basic technologies or decent plumbing?!

I found this article a very interesting read as it shows the contrast of how life was before the internet. I think it’s great for our generation to consider as we’ve never know life without the internet or computer technology.



  1. Hello

    I share your opinion that the fast developing of technology and the internet is fascinating! I have done some research online and I came up with a new idea. What about if we compare the internet with a human brain? The internet is capable of acquiring new intelligences and it always has room for development. Thinking about the internet as an efficient tool that circulates, measures, organizes and processes information it sounds like we are talking about a human as well. If we think about a kid for example, at the beginning is only going to be a baby and just eat, sleep and repeat. However when the baby grows up he will start speaking and learning new skills, then will go to school and university and finally he will be a very intelligent developed person. Humans develop same way the internet have because what is internet? a human invention that grows at the same time as us.

    Did you ever think about the internet this way? I think sometimes we just think about how fascinating the development of technology is, forgetting that we are the ones that have done that possible.

    Elena Munoz


    • Yes! I love this theory. It’s somes up life really well and how much the world develops over time – including technology! I think the Internet is such an incredible example of amazing the human brain is and how we can develop so much in so little time, and with that bring a whole new ‘culture’ (so to speak) to each modern age. Just like the people of the 1920’s could never have imagined a life like ours which is so connected to the Internet, the people of 19th century would never have imagined life with radios or basic electricity!



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