History of the internet

The launch off the first I phone in 2008, is something that I find very interesting, this is because over time phones have changed and developed, a good example of this is the Mototola DynaTAC 800 X which individuals used in 1983, this contrasts differently to the phones that we use in today’s society. We now have different variations of the I phone ranging from 6, 6s and 6s plus. Technology is advancing very quickly in the apple world and this is because the I phone 6s and 6 plus were just launched on the 9th September in 2015, and yet there are already talks about the new I phone 7 being launched by the end of this year.

The evolution of the I phone is also very fascinating as the first I phone, I phone 3 had very limited features for example, there was no front camera which meant there was no facetime, the phone was very heavy and at the time the operating system was ios 6.1.3, this has drastically changed as today the features on the I phone 6 range from, apple pay, facetime and the new operating system ios 9.2.1. To conclude wouldn’t you agree, that in today’s society our mobile phones have become a major aspect in our lives? Due to technological advancements mobile phones are easy to use, trendy and fashionable.

Olamide Ogunade


1 Comment

  1. I do agree. Lately mobile phones have a huge importance in our daily life. If I leave my house in the morning without my phone I feel lost and I absolutely need to go back to take it. Just 15 years ago it wasn’t like this. In our society the phone became definitely one principal aspect of our life and I believe this contribute to create this feeling of necessity of the Internet for us.


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