History of the Internet

I think the development of the use of the internet is particularly interesting. Being from such a fast paced generation where it seems technology is being developed every minute, is becoming normalized in the society that we live in today. It is also frightening how the concept of technology has created a current generation who fiend over the latest edition of gadgets such as the iPhone. Nonetheless it is fascinating that anyone now has the opportunity to have their technological idea be recognized, for example the emergence of snap chat in 2011 by Evan Spiegel et al has created a whole new meaning to social media communication and at the moment is one of the main sources of connecting with friends, seeing celebrities and accessing news in convenient sound bites.

The idea of the internet has existed primarily since 1969 with Arpanet being the first network to run on packet switching. Upon my reading of ‘The History of the Internet’ I found that as the internet developed, the simple basis of communication had altered, becoming more about promoting yourself. Has the development of communication become more materialistic? I think we sometimes overlook the original meanings of what having the internet means at times, we have the privilege to communicate, maybe we take that for granted.

However, something as simple as emoticons has truly evolved since 1982, especially with the iPhone introducing different nationality emoticons. The internet as a whole is a progressive development with popular networks enhancing ideas to cater to the next generation. It will be interesting to see what the internet has to offer in a couple of years and observe if anything has changed significantly.

Demi Bailey-Paul



  1. Demi, I agree with you. It seems like you have seen it all and nothing could surprise you anymore, right? And then, out of the blue, someone comes up with some brilliant new idea and creates a new app downloaded on everybody’s phones. It is crazy! Will the future look like we see in movies or is that almost impossible to reach? I believe that the Internet is going to keep on shocking us as the time passes by.


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