History of the internet

The thing I find most interesting about the history of the internet is how recently some websites were created. I can’t remember life before Youtube or google, and yet these tools weren’t around to help or inform our parents generation. The most widely used social media and websites seem to have been made around ten years ago. Since then things seem to have been developed rather than invented. The main question that arises for me is what did people do before google. I google things at least 5 times a day. We are now so much better connected with information and informed on the news much quicker than the generation before us would have been. And all this information is at our fingertips, brought to us by google, which was only launched in 1998. The internet was first created for information sharing but the 2000’s created a whole new way of information sharing, and that is what I find so interesting about the history of the internet.

Beth Moss



  1. Beth,

    I also find it very interesting that in recent years a whole new mean of accessing the internet has been introduced to us. I find it frustrating when people take for granted the power in the phones we use today. A handheld computer not only exists, most of the people we come into contact with on a daily basis have one. I agree with your statement that things have been developed rather than invented since the beginning of the internet.


  2. Beth,
    I agree with you. Without google I don’t know what we would do, although in the current time the world would not have used the internet like it used today! I think it is interesting how the internet has really expanded to the point in which you and others feel we would not be able to cope without these sites, as we take them for granted by using them on a daily basis. You say we are much more equipped with information and news compared to our previous generations although this in ways can be argued. There are many reasons to consider for example, some people think the internet causes us to think less and not in depth research about a specific topic where as in the past people would have to attend their local libraries, watch television and wait for the news to come on where as some news online can be fake and incorrect.


  3. And let’s think about how we are being called the “internet generation” but even though our parents didn’t have access to the internet and these multiple sources of information, they have actually learned to love it. I mean, most of our parents use Google everyday and not to mention they even found their way into social media. I see lots of parents owning a Facebook account and communicating with others through Skype or Whatsapp. So if you stop to think about it, I believe that we are all somehow connected to the internet, no matter the age.


  4. What is crazy is that we have never had to be without google, But we most certainly would be able to live without it. Something I wrote about in my post was about how quickly it is for us to adapt to new technologies such as the internet.


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