History of the Internet

The way technology has changed since it began and how much we rely on it is something that interests me. One thing that really stands out for me is how the Open source movement began, making the web an open software for users to become producers of content. The internet began as a platform that would push content towards users with no choice of what they want to see, media giants would create information and sites and the public would accept them. Since the revolution of the internet the public have evolved with the internet, or are helping to evolve the internet? It as if we are now teaching the media corporations what works and doesn’t work when it comes to online content and what is successful as we are their audience? We are not just consumers but also productions of information and new media; Apps, social sites, News producers.

The OS campaign had links to the move to revive user participation and the creation of Wikipedia. User generated site Wikipedia is open for anyone to publish in and has created a high standard site of information full of academic and hypertextual links in over 200 languages. To me it is as if the consumers of the internet are hinting on advancements that could happen to the scientists and the ‘nerds’ of the internet are making it work. Users have a big say in what happens on the interenet and how successful something is as we are the ones it is produced for, are we gaining more control?…


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  1. Hi Samantha!

    This topic about consumers as producers is something really interesting. Before the lectures here at Westminster, I had never stopped to reflect on it.

    The internet actually creates a real democratic environment in that way that everyone can produce and consume what they want to.
    I believe that since the internet revolution, people had helped to evolve the internet and had also evolved WITH the internet. But we are definitely still evolving with it and also constantly contributing for it to evolve even more.

    Finally, for your last question, I believe that even being huge producers, we are still huge consumers. As consumers at the internet, I feel that we tend to gain more and more control. At the same time, we also tend to be more controlled and dependent on the internet. For both of the facts, studying the media, the internet and power relationships is essential for us to develop a critical thinking about this massive tech world that surrounds us.


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