History of the Internet

What I find interesting about the history of the internet is that the internet has developed at such a fast pace within the past 15-20 years, with the creation of different services. These include services that now, seem almost essential, like Google.

Google was founded 17 years ago in 1998, two years after I was born, meaning that Google has only been absent for two years of my life. Our generation has grown up with the internet. What would we do without Google’s search engine, a service that allows information to be constantly accessible to us? Along with Google web search, there’s image search, Maps, News and many more sections to this vast service.

Although the beginning of the internet can be traced back to the 1960s, I also find it interesting that most of the websites we know and use today were created within the last decade or so. For example, YouTube was founded in 2005; Facebook in 2004 and Twitter in 2006. This is also something that interests me – the need for these services and the “reliance” on social media. But these apps can have other uses. Facebook can connect people from two different sides of the world; Twitter can provide users with news in the form of “Trending Topics” and Tumblr can be used as a blogging platform. The history of the internet is interesting because of the amount of services and apps that have been created that we may struggle or find it hard to live without, most having been created within our lifetime. There are generations before us that have not had the kind of access to the internet that we have.


Joanne Clark



  1. It is true… all these apps and services we have, thanks to the internet, are making our lives easier and we are so used to them that we don’t think how it could be without them. You mentioned the generation before us that they didn’t have these kind of services, but we shouldn’t forgive that more than half of the world population nowadays doesn’t have internet. I think it could be interesting to ask to different culture people (that they don’t have internet) what they think about the big importance that we give to it.

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  2. I found your blog post very interesting as it made me think about the online websites that we use and how much we take them for granted.
    If social media platforms were created only in the past decade or so then it makes you wonder what will be around in another 10 years.

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