History of the Internet (World trade)

During the Cold War (1947-1991), America had to create a military strategy against the Soviets’ Union Empire. The Internet was created as a protected system to share war communication between different points in America. After the war, the American State (who paid for all the research and development costs of the Internet) realised that the Internet was a very valuable tool, but the use linked to the military defence programme wasn’t going to generate any commercial benefits.

Although there was a lot of businessman interested in the technology of the Internet at the beginning of the 80s, it would be at the end of this decade when the Internet starts being seen as a profitable tool. At this step Internet stops being an exclusive military monopoly for defence and scientist information sharing. In 1989 the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) Company was founded in Brookline, Massachusetts and it was called The World. ISP companies offered services like market research and access to valuable information that companies without an Internet connexion couldn’t access, so this was very advantageous. Businessman started using e-mail systems (first developed in 1960 by Tomlinson) and news websites that allowed customers to get through valuable data before anybody else (especially in the stock market). Can you imagine being the first broker to see market information? I think this would be highly profitable! Since that moment, the Internet is essential for the world trade. Can you think nowadays about any big company like Nike, Topshop or Asos without their Online side?


Elena Munoz


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  1. Elena, I think this was a huge moment for everybody really because the internet changed so much the way we do things and as a great example you gave the online retailers! You are right, could you imagine what would it be like if great brands like Nike and Topshop and a lot of others didn’t have access to the internet and to online retailing? Not only they would have been forced to sell locally and not on a global scale but they would have had to invest enormous amounts of money for audience research if they chose to open a store in a different country or even continent.


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