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Even though social media (a.k.a. social networks) is relatively young, it has already occupied quite a massive part of the Internet. It is really hard to imagine life without social networking today – it has become essential and it has actually made the communication easier. Why call, when you can just send an emoji or a cute kitten video?

But jokes aside, let’s talk business. The history of social media begins long before Mark Zuckerberg’s creation. (which is too old for me to remember) has been created in 1995 and has only been available for those advanced users who had emails. However, in exchange it could give you all of your old friends, classmates and colleagues. The other super hot social network was – launched as a university chatroom in 1994 and  later on expanded into gaming and online store. One of the Facebook’s closest relatives is Friendster (2002) – the online networking service, that allowed to contact people, share online content and media with them and also play games.

As it is seen from the examples above, social networks were made to socialize (what a twist, huh?). Of course, this option of theirs is not gone (yet), but now social networks are something more, than just social networks. You can write, film, take photos, you can create media, you can BE media yourself. Anyone can be media, anyone has an access to it. Anybody can influence the whole world today; not just the chosen ones.

And now I’d like to pass the word on to you, guys. Do you think social networks need development and extra services, or were they alright just the way they were created?




  1. Marija,

    I like how you approach social media in the context of it being something we can “be”. In my opinion, the way we use the internet is constantly improving. Whether individuals are see it as a device to be used or abused, there are endless ways to access the internet. Even though anyone can access the internet, I do not believe each voice is heard equally when it comes to media consumption. I think what we have today regarding the use of the internet is already “extra”. I’m sure more will be added to what already exists because that’s usually what happens although I do not see it as necessary. That is, until they create a new app that I won’t be able to live without!

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  2. That’s a rather well developed argument! I think Social media is dynamic. There will always be something new. It is amazing how you have pointed out the old ancestral services, archaic if you ask me. It makes me think where I am today. I was 13 when I first opened an account on Orkut (seems like a century ago), I then went on to Yahoo and then Facebook and here is Snapchat now. From Orkut to Snapchat, so much has changed. It only makes me think, What’s Next?

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