The history of internet

Even though everything has a history, a moment where it all started, I never actually thought about the history of internet, mostly because ever since I was old enough to use it, internet was there, just a few clicks away.

However, one of the things that have always fascinated me about the evolution of the internet is the speed. The speed to send a text, an image, a video, the speed to connect with someone from another corner of the world, the speed to access a link and most importantly, the speed by which news travel nowadays. And I’m not talking about what lipstick Kylie Jenner bought recently, but about serious issues like natural hazards(tsunami, earthquake, fire, floods), economical issues (world economic crisis) or political (new laws, elected leaders of states, wars, change of regime). Every piece of news gets to us even faster and faster.

Is that good or bad? I believe it is absolutely amazing that we now have this kind of global access to everything that is happening around us and within minutes we can be updated with what’s new in the USA, China, UK, Spain or Brazil. Do you think there might be a downside to it?




  1. Nice point. I do however think that because the speed in which news stories are put onto the internet. News cooperations such as the BBC and Sky, I feel, have pressure to distribute news stories faster than their competitors. This can lead to news stories having false information have will misled the reader, all because speed seems to be more important than the facts.

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  2. I agree with aspects of your argument. I feel that it’s amazing we are able to hear about any aspect of news faster through a social media platform than it is to find out on television news channels. But i also feel that being able to access this information so quick can have an effect on broadcast media. This means that practitioners for radio or television have to work under more stressful conditions and effecting and depleting the quality of media that is output by broadcast formats.

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  3. I believe the internet’s speed contributes considerably to the globalization. One culture’s emblematic particularities are rapidly spread on global scale, subsequently being assumed by other cultures as their own. In this point, the internet’s incredible speed might become a downside. Think about this in term of the civilizations deprived from their sense of identity, giving up their patriotism principles and throwing away their cultural legacy. It leads to such a plain and uninteresting world to live in.

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  4. I do agree, that the speed is one of the most amazing things about the internet. But I also support the previous comment. I think, the speed of the Internet has a negative impact on the quality of contemporary media, which now looks more like competition of amateurs, than several truly reliable sources. I mean, in the end the provided information might turn out to be false, just because the reporter was in a rush, or the article might not contain of all the necessary facts, which, I think, is a big loss for the media industry in general.

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  5. I to agree that it is fascinating that we are able to see the updates that are happening in different countries.

    It is useful that the internet has made us more knowledgeable about our surroundings and the issues that other countries face that we many not experience.

    However I do believe there are downsides sometimes. I think that because we live in the Western world sometimes we favour or pay more attention to issues that are happening closely to us, this can lead to neglecting other worldly issues.

    Such as the Paris atrocities, of course that was horrific but at the same time places such as Japan had a disaster that the internet or news didn’t follow.

    Although we have access sometimes we pick and choose what we want to know.

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  6. The speed of the internet is something I thought about allot as well, especially when thinking about news story’s being reported on the internet just minutes after it has happened! Whether this is a good or bad thing I am not entirely sure, It may mean we are not getting all the accurate details in the first place and must wait for things to be updated. Also in terms of commercial entertainment like ‘Kylie Jenner’s new lipstick’ although this kind of news is not interesting or important, it still has the ability to go viral in the same way.

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  7. i also agree with how fascinating the speed of this technology is and how it is now so easy to connect with people from all around the world! Also the rate in which news stories get shared, i do think this is a huge positive about in the evolution of the internet as this means people are aware of whats happening around the world almost as soon as it happens, and when you talk about natural hazards this speed of sharing information could help to save lives. Also as in the above comments i do feel that the speed of sharing effects the quality of reliability and information gets twisted.

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