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When I was younger, I remember listening to my grandpa’s stories of when he moved to Venezuela. He emigrated from Spain when he was in his twenties, leaving all of his family and friends behind. I remember him telling me how he had to wait months for a reply every time he sent a letter.

Over the years, communication has improved in huge ways, and the Internet plays a big role in these developments. Those months of waiting for a reply got condensed in less than a minute thanks to this worldwide network. Platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype or FaceTime make it possible to stay in touch with people all around the globe, and being far away from home has made me appreciate this even more than I already did. Although it is commonly said that the Internet and social media have made people interact less between each other and actually disconnects them, studying abroad makes me disagree: I am in constant communication with my family and friends.

I remember when my grandpa used to tell me how he had to wait months for replies every time he sent a letter. Me? I’m just a few clicks away from the rest of the world.

-Patricia Sanchez



  1. Patricia, I am also studying abroad this semester and I have found that I am having a similar experience. I currently use Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Imessage (when connected to wifi) and direct messaging on various other social media platforms to connect with my friends and family from home. I also am writing letters, which makes the comparison between digital and “snail mail” communication very clear. To me, a hand written letter conveys more emotion and effort than a digital message. It is nice to have the convenience of messaging my friends across the world in a split second, but I try not to do it too often so I am present while living here. There are an unlimited amount of applications that will allow you to communicate with people from across the world without it affecting your phone bill, I found some more on The Study Abroad Blog, , if you would like to check them out, there are also 45 other apps that could help you while you’re here. Enjoy!

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  2. Hi, Patricia!
    I’m at the same situation as you.
    I’ve been talking, mainly to my parents, much often than before. Our relationship, I would say, is also even better than when I was living at home.
    I use all these platforms that you mentioned. On Skype, for example, I’ve been talking not only to friends and family from my home city, but also to friends all over the world. I have few friends also studying abroad in the US, Australia, France, Portugal and more than ever, we’ve been communicating to each other in a way I would never imagine.
    These platforms and all the communication via social media certainly have lots of advantages. Although something happened to me a few weeks ago and now your post made me reflect on it: I was out for dinner with some friends and they wanted to go to a pub after the meal. I refused the invitation cause I had arranged to talk on Skype with a friend of mine from home. Instead of going out and have a great time with my friends, I went back home to talk in front of… my computer! It was lovely talking to this friend. My now you’ve got me thinking if it was really worthwhile to refuse a “real moment” in exchange for an online conversation…

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  3. Even though my family members , are not in another country it is still nice to know that I am able to communicate with my family members , through social media , It comforts me to know in order to reach my mother or father all I have to do is simply send a whatsapp message or make a quick phone call. Personally I don’t believe social media has made me interact with people less , it has allowed me to develop friendships, with individuals from different countries.

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  4. Patricia, I fully agree with your point! In my opinion, the biggest advantage of the Internet is that it connects people from different parts of the world. Thanks to the new technologies and social media, I can reach my loved ones easy and fast. Whenever I miss them I can not only talk to them, but also to see them, using Viber, Facebook, Facetime, Skype and others. And I think that this is what we should mostly use the Internet for, not just for selfies and gossip.
    After all, isn’t it great, that today distance means nothing? Each of us can go everywhere without leaving his room, and reach everyone just by a click of a finger. Only a few decades ago people couldn’t even think about this…

    P.S.: I really like the way you introduced your point – with a personal example. I think this kind of intro is very interesting and even inspirational for the reader. The conclusion as well 🙂

    – Zoey

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