Blog Post 1: The History Of The Internet

What do you find most interesting or surprising about the history of the internet?

We are creating new technology everyday and the faster we do this, the faster the history of the Internet expands. The most interesting part of the history of the Internet to me would probably be in terms of the way internet has become even more accessible to us on a smaller scale and how little time this has taken effect on us. A good example of this would be 10 years ago when you would only be able to use the Internet when it’s been plugged into the wall in your living room. However now days (in 2016) you can go on the Internet wherever you choose and no longer need that Internet wire because we now have things such as 4G which allows us to use the internet outside and in different locations. We are now in this generation where the smaller the screen is the more people use it because how easy it is to put in your pocket and then take out whenever you want to text someone or Google something, we now literally have Google at the tip of our fingers whenever we want and it was only 10 years ago that we had to actually walk to a library or our home computer to look something up, which I think really demonstrates how fast the Internet has grown in such a short time.


By Jack Lineker


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