History of Internet

The Internet has been changing since it’s beginning, thus giving it a long history. What I find interesting is the mode in which we access the Internet and how those devices have evolved over the years. When did the norm become being an outcast if you don’t possess an iPhone? Why is it that my mom finds comfort in knowing I’m across the pond so long as we can Face Time every once in a while? We have an odd relationship, technology and humanity. Though seemingly equally dependent, we can survive without it while technology would not survive without its users.

The one goal that has remained constant throughout the changing foundation of the Internet is it’s main purpose: making communication easier. Starting with ARPANET, the contributions of military and computer scientists has only heightened telecommunication transmission technology. The idea is spreading the word and expanding the audience by making technology accessible to everyone is thriving today with handheld computers that we like to call iPhones. Counter culture helped to free us from stereotypes and turn the Internet into a judgment free playground. I question that exact concept, is the way we use the Internet today judgment free? Near and far I’ve come across the same conclusion, people who are constantly on their phone, making posts, capturing every moment not with their own divine memory rather a device, are the people not forming real, enduring relationships or chasing their dreams. Perhaps due to the sad truth that involves being trapped behind a screen where we can judge others and create whatever life of our own we desire.

Kika Udoni



  1. Your post has really made me think, particularly about the relationship that exists between humanity and technology. For a species that survived so long without technology, now we can’t seem to function without it, especially this generation who know not of a life without mobile phones, the Internet, and computers.

    Your comment that struck me was
    “we can survive without it while technology would not survive without its users.”
    This is so true! And yet the way we act with our technology, and how we sometime treat it more dearly than even our health, is actually quite frightening. Take the technology away though and we still have a whole world of fascinating forms of entertainment, education, and communication – including actually meeting with each other!



  2. I certainly agree with your ideas in this post, especially your comment that we have an odd relationship with technology as humanity. In our presentation on this subject, we posed the question ‘Can we survive without technology?’ You have answered this here, suggesting that we can indeed survive without it, but that technology would not be successful if we did not use it. This is a concept I find thought-provoking – it would be interesting to see what would happen to technology if we stopped using it. However, I doubt that we as consumers would ever stop using technology because of how much it helps us and how the world has connected because of it.

    I also agree that we may not be forming proper relationships in the real world due to constantly being on our phones and forming our own persona which is the one we would like others to see.

    Great post!



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