History of the Internet

It is interesting to find out Google cannot leave the term “collective intelligence” by looking through Google’s own timetable. This idea had been mentioned in “The cult of Amateur” by Andrew Keen in 2008. He believed that what supports the Google engine is the sum wisdom of the Google users.

Actually, the starting point of the Google’s founders (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) is to collect the knowledge of the crowd. And the name “Google” is quite meaningful. It derived from a mathematical term “Googol “which is a large number should be written as the digit 1 followed by one hundred 0s. The name represents its founders’ aim, to integrate the infinity network information into a whole.

Since Google had been founded in 1998, there are hundreds of products has been produced. Besides its main product the search engine, the other typical side products like Google translation, Google map and Gmail are also following the original model. For example, Google can translate a new language without understanding this language and the technology the map used is based on the Keyhole which is a digital mapping company they bought out in 2004. Google never created anything but they can use the sum wisdom of others flexibly. This is how Google interests me.

Mengyu Wang


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  1. I find Google pretty interesting as well, and I think no one really realizes how simplier it has made tasks that used to take some time. Just the searching engine alone is a huge advance, because information that took some time to find in a library is just a few clicks away. You mention Google Maps, how many of us use it in a daily basis? At least I do, and I have to admit I would be completely lost without it! Google has provided tools that are useful to our everyday life, and it has been, in my opinion, one of the most revolutionizing companies of this century

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