History of the Internet.

The History and evolution of the Internet is something I feel has happened very quickly and very recently. Between 1969 and now, it has developed from Arpanet to the PC modern to the world wide web, all the way through to what is our modern idea of the Internet. What is the most surprising to me is how easily we have all adapted to the internet and starting contributed towards online content. When Stanford University and UCLA connected for the first time using Arpanet, They were essentially the first hosts of the Internet. The process now of talking to someone from another university let alone someone from the other side of the world is achievable in seconds, with a number of options to choose from when connecting including twitter, Facebook, Skype or good ‘old fashioned’ Email.

From the further reading From counterculture to cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the rise of digital utopianism By Fred Turner, Turner speaks stated that in the mid-1990s, when the internet and the world wide web was introduced to the public there was “talk of revolution filled the air”. Understanding the impact the internet may have had on someone who wasn’t brought up with it being accessible is very interesting to me. Which brings me back to the surprise of human interaction with someone so new and complicated, I believe this is what enabled the internet grow so quickly.

Google old skl

One of the original Google pages.



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  1. I also feel that the development of the internet has happened quickly and that we as consumers have somehow managed to adapt to these changes very rapidly. I feel that our generation have become very competent with digital technology and uses of the internet, whereas our parents and grandparents, who were the ones who really experienced the rapid development of the internet from the beginning, are less competent, and it seems that they cannot keep up to date with new digital technology like we can.

    It is interesting to think about where technology would be now if it wasn’t for the perhaps surprising reaction of the public at the time – if the public rejected the technology that was introduced, would the internet be where it is today?


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