History of Tweet Tweet

History of Internet is just as fascinating as Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution; it is endless. The internet changes every minute. The most surprising element according to me is Twitter. The initial idea of 140 characters or less took the world of social media by surprise. It was finally possible! Twitter changed the face of less is more principle in social media.

Twitter was launched in July 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams. Like every software giant foundation story, Twitter has had its controversies. But this organisation received heavy traffic and in six years it had 100 million users posting 340 million tweets a day! As of May 2015, Twitter has more than 500 million users. Twitter was originally supposed to be ‘twttr’. The first ever tweet was Jack Dorsey’s, ‘just setting up my twttr’. Ever wondered why only 140 characters or been stressed about it? This was because Twitter was originally designed as SMS mobile phone-based platform. But, this only added to its novelty. The world thought of it as a creative constraint!

What is truly surprising is that Twitter is now used as a lot more than social media. It is a search engine, a news agency, an advertiser, and what not! Journalists, celebrities, business and artists use Twitter to interact with their audience. Think of twitter as all in one- Google, BBC News, Facebook, LinkedIn. In my opinion Twitter has changed the way we perceive media. It has taken participatory journalism to a whole new level where people report the truth. It has broken the boundaries of conventional media to a level that most news stories now originate from ordinary tweets. As a journalism student, I use Twitter for most part of my aggregation and curation process while compiling news.

At the moment, there are speculations that Twitter might be bankrupt. This raises the question of how can twitter be financed? Can you imagine life without Twitter? And that’s what I have learnt from the history of Internet. Services and companies, come and go, they become a part of its history. But, internet? It evolves.

-Rituja Rao.


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