Social media: The world in our hands

Remember back in the day when we communicated face-to-face; when we went to the library to get a book, to the shop to buy a product, to a town to see it’s sights? Well.. things have changed. Today you can be everywhere, without leaving your room, and do everything, just by a click of a finger. All you need is internet. And what I find most remarkable about the Internet, is social media.

socialmedia2-300x200Only a decade ago social media was nothing. Today it is everything. Platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, have created one big society, in which everyone is involved and each voice can be heard. And to tell your story, you don’t need to be a journalist, nor a celebrity. You just need to post it online – as a tweet, a picture, a video or a status update. Thanks to social media, information now reaches billions of people worldwide, faster than ever before. Social media has not only changed our life. It has simply put the whole world in our hands.


We all know that social media (and the Internet as a whole) has a significant impact on us. My question, however, is not, whether this is good or bad. I am asking you to think about the impact, that WE have on social media, because exactly we, the users, are the reason for the power of these platforms, and without us social media could not be, what it is now.


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  1. I like the way that you said that social media has put the world in our hands as I feel like this describes it really well. We can do so much now thanks to social media. But also what you said about the impact that WE have on social media. Often when social media is discussed, it’s about the effect it has on us, and most of these comments can be bad, saying that social media makes us anti-social/lazy etc. But I like that you’ve said that we have an influence on it, as the users. Without us – if we weren’t using different social media apps/sites, they wouldn’t be successful/exist.

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  2. I agree with the idea that social media has made a huge impact on society. One of the best things of social media in my opinion is the commercial interactivity that it offers. Individuals have to be able to have a say in society and thanks to twitter and it’s hashtags, companies are able to see what their audience thinks about them and change if needed. Also the impact social media has in society and vice versa has benefited advertisers. Social media offers advertising and campaigning for free! Companies can promote their products just creating a profile, whereas in the past they had to pay a TV or radio slot. As there is a permanent communication a big amount of users will see their advertisement.

    I have found a very interesting article about Social media strategies for businesses and how they benefit from this phenomenon. Please have a look and tell me what you think.

    Elena Munoz

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  3. I agree with your opinion that without us the social media could not be what it is now. The power of social media and the power of human beings are mutually affecting each other but we hardly discuss how we influence the social media. I think social media is a product represents humanization. It is produced for us to chat, to browse and to have fun. And because of us, it is changed or upgraded to please us or to attract us. Every pieces of news or the pictures are posted by us, we not only created the social media but also constituted the content of it.

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  4. I agree with you that we (the users) are the very beginning of social media, and it would be nothing without us. We have a huge impact on it, and, probably, all of the new apps and website are inspired by us – our needs, ways to amuse ourselves, our preferences. However, if you link these two theories – of us having an impact on social media and of social media having an impact on us – wouldn’t it turn out that we actually have impact on ourselves? Let’s just remember what is usually being told about social media – because of it we communicate less, we read less, we enrich our minds less. And in the end it turns out, though, that we all are the reason for us being unsociable or less smart, for instance. Looks like it’s not social media that must be blamed (or commended).

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  5. I understand your point… social media is a big part of our daily life right now and it is us the reason for the power of these platforms. But do these platforms really allow us to communicate as a face-to-face conversation? Are we really ‘social’ when we communicate through social media? I think the society is changing thanks to all these platform, that can make our life easier or more efficient, but I still believe that a face-to-face conversation has another power of communication.

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  6. I think this is a valid point you have made about social media putting the world in our hands as we are now so easily able to communicate with people half way across the world without even leaving our bed, which is the classic example of how we have had an impact on social media. I feel like certain aspects that we as a human race have grown up with such as bullying and negativity have risen a hell of a lot since social media has become the thing it is today. For example we are able to type a message to someone or send a nasty tweet in the space of 5 seconds, this then impacting what the other person feels at the other end of the abuse in a matter of seconds also. However once you had to say it to someone’s face and that person knew who you where, however the internet makes it possible so the person does not know who is attacking them online which I think is the ultimate example of how we have an effect on social media.

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  7. i think the success of social media relies on us as the users/consumers of it a lot. We do have a huge impact on social media but it also changes us. I think social media makes us lazy and of course extremely antisocial at times. Yes it provides ease for us to contact people or make plans but when those plans come around what do we end up doing? sitting on our phones on social media. I feel like the more social media evolves the less creative and enthusiastic we are becoming about everyday life

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