The history of the Internet mirrors the changes of the society

The history of the Internet is a truly interesting topic, that — I believe — catches the attention of everyone for the importance than nowadays the Internet has in our lives. In a bit more than 40 years, and mainly from 1995 with its commercialisation, it has become almost essential for western countries population. This is even more noticeable from the fact that since the first iPhone has been put on the market in 2007, the most important launches — mainly social media platforms — have all regarded applications or services to connect to from the phone, showing that nowadays almost nobody of us can go around without the Internet, that is always available in our pocket. This is what I found more fascinating: less than 40 years ago an entire room needed to be use for a computer and its connection, while now it is enough to have a phone to get connect with all the world. Technology and the Internet has developed so fast and I believe this can be analysed as a mirror of our society itself, which in so little time has changed a lot in its needs and desires. Who knows what will happen next and how our society will change again…



  1. I think you are right, especially when you say that technology has developed so fast. I believe this is having an impact in every generation, but it is easier to notice in our generation and the one that follows. Nowadays, kids pick up on how to use new gadgets and technology faster than our parents’ generation, which shows that, as you said, the faster technology develops, the faster new generations are learning to keep up with it


  2. I agree with you and your points you have made throughout this blog post. I think it is strange to think that not even 40 years ago as you mentioned in your post but even 10-15 years ago the internet, social media, and other online sites are not the same. It is so interesting to think about the ways in which this internet shapes us as humans and they ways in which we have changed and developed our social skills and communication languages to fit within the world of social media and the internet. One thing I would recommend doing once completing your blog post is to double check certain wording for example “showing that nowadays almost nobody of us can go around without the Internet, that is always available in our pocket.” This would of worked better saying ‘ Showing that in todays society nobody can function without the internet, there is always a platform available to hand e.g. mobile phones. Although good blog post


  3. I agree with your idea. Technology and the Internet have developed so fast. The complex machines can be replaced by a phone in our pocket. This makes me expect the future of the technology and the Internet. Hope we can use the Internet when we are taking the underground!


  4. I agree with you, that technology and the internet have developed fast, and that this has an impact on the society. But I also think that the users have a significant influence on this development too.
    One of the reasons that the Internet and new technologies are developing so fast is that we, the users, have let them become an essential part of our everyday life. There wouldn’t be so many new smartphones on the market, if there was no interest. It is the same with social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform wouldn’t be so powerful, without the society, using them.
    My point is that it depends on us, wether technology and the Internet will continue developing so fast or not. It is us, who have to rethink our consumption.
    However, as a part of the new generation, I don’t believe that our interest will decline. So we can only wait to see the new idea, that will change our life once again.



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