We are social

For this week’s post I have found a highly interesting online resource. I invite you all to visit the website ‘’We are social’’ clicking on this link http://wearesocial.sg/blog/2016/01/digital-2016/ . The agency we are social offers an innate understanding of social media with digital, PR, and marketing skills.  In particular I have picked their digital 2016 report where they offer a study of digital, social and mobile usage around the world (you can also see the reports of the past years). The report offers statistics of the global digital snapshot, the annual growth of users, the internet use per region, internet usage rankings and much more. I have picked this resource because it offers in detail how big technology and the internet are and develop in our society. For example a 46% of the global population are internet users and 31% are social media users, including children.

Here you can find really good essay material as we always need to back up our essays with facts. Did you know that the country that spends more hours a day on the internet is Brazil? Brazilians spend an average of 5.2 hours on their laptops. Whereas the country that spends less hours on the internet per day is Japan with an average of 2.9 hours on their laptops.

Finally I invite you to compare these images and see how the internet population has grown in 2 years. Please take a minute to think as a media student how important this data for our careers is.



Elena Munoz




  1. Thank you for a great suggestion. I believe that analysing statistic reporting about social media is truly important for us. Many times when writing an essay or working on a media projects, we are in need of good evidences and reports about the Internet and its trends and this site looks to be a great source!


  2. I really like this website! The figures are not boring anymore. It make the figures colourful and lovely. I used this site when I was writing last semester’s assessment and it helped me a lot. This is a great site, I will keep on using it. Thanks for the recommendation!


  3. This is a great suggestion towards helping us in our studies. It will be extremely useful towards referencing our coursework and essays in the coming weeks. It’s a great source to physically show us the vast rate of which social networking is being used internationally. Very useful, thanks for sharing this with us!


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