Brand Yourself

Nancy Baym, author of Personal Connections in the Digital Age believes we are in a constant state of anxiety due to our never-ending advances in technology. Some people pick it right up while others avoid it altogether. Naturally, human beings do not like change. They are creatures of habit. Since everyone on the blog is a university student or professional, I decided to seek out tips on how to create a personal brand online. So no need to fear! The Personal Branding Blog is here!

I decided to choose this category because many people don’t know where to start when it comes to personal branding. They struggle with creating an image on multiple platforms and connecting those platforms to online portfolios or professional work sites. The idea is to make yourself as accessible as possible and to make it easy to access.

The development of the internet has completely changed the way we interact socially because it has taken it to the digital level. This allows us to connect instantly all over the world. The troubling part is it is very easy to dismiss information because it has no personal value or it is not grabbing enough. What I mean by this is that if there is no association with a person or something familiar, it is very easy to overlook.

I will offer my own online portfolio up as an example of personal branding. Please comment and share what you think of the Personal Branding Blog website and my online portfolio!


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