Social Media is the News

Admittedly I don’t really look at statistic pages when it comes to the intertwining of social media in relation to news. I guess you could say this is due to being on the actual social media itself.

However this weeks topic was interesting as the site Pew Research Center provided me with interesting information about how social media is a pathway for news nowadays. I would have to say I agree with this statement as I think not only this generation but older people as well mainly get their news sources from different social media sights nowadays. I think this is because for example as the website stated, Facebook is the leading sight in which people get there news from. Do you agree with this statement or has another social media taken over recently ?

It also states that half of Americans use the site and a fifth of them get there news from there essentially. You could say statistics like this are an indication that social media is becoming the news itself, primarily because as a society we are all connected from around the world so this means that news stories are covered and shared and we are able to update them ourselves unlike newspapers. Does this mean print news will eventually die out ?

This short clip shows how social media is becoming revolutionized !

Demi Bailey-Paul


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  1. Demi,

    I agree with your statement that social media is where many people go to obtain news and information. Just the other day a friend of mine posted about a speech she went to listen to by an economist. She proceeded to highlight everything she found important form his speech and told her Facebook friends “you’re welcome”. This way, they didn’t have to wake up early like she did to physically attend the presentation themselves. Many friends commented thanking her for the information. I doubt these people went far beyond her post to research the topic or its findings.

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