I would like to recommend “Statista” which is a site with useful statistics and reports. It accesses to 1 million statistics, comprehensive reports on over 3000 industry topic and revenue forecast on over 400 industries. Whether for presentations, assessments or website, statista always offers me what I need immediately.

I really like the guide bar which always gives me inspiration and good materials to decide what content I can write. And the information is always up-to-date so I can get in touch with the newest trends as they occur. The most important thing is that the statistics and reports are all reliable sources which are ensured by the experts and industries leaders.

屏幕快照 2016-02-09 下午12.38.43.png

We can find the statistics not just in a simple boring way but on Statista,there are infographics to show the statistics, reports and rankings. We can compare the figures according to bar charts, line graphs, pie charts and maps. We can see the world ranking easily by only searching the keywords. If you cannot understand what the graph means, there will have several paragraphs to summarize the information of the graph.

So, have you used this website before? If you have, what is your feeling? Comparing to other statistic website, what are the strength and weakness does Statista has ? Hope you will like this website.




  1. This website is very useful , I agree with your statement , searching for statistics can be very boring , however as the website provides info graphics , reports and rankings , personally for me it makes statistics much more interesting to read and research. The website is also very easy to navigate which

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