Ted Talks

Considering that we are talking about the online environment, it is obvious that the amount of resources we could find on the internet is almost infinite. Of course we search for reliable and concise sources in order to get the best results and I admit that I have rarely went on the second or third page at a Google search.

However, what I have found not only useful, but also entertaining was watching the Ted Talks. As you probably already know, TED started as a small conference (Technology, Entertaining and Design) and developed over the years, now covering any topic and on a global scale.

Related to the module, I have watched a couple of talks ( of maximum 18 minutes) about media in which I found refreshing, comprehensible , yet complex content, a lot of statistics and facts and also fascinating stories about the media that you might not have heard of before.


Anyone can watch the Ted Talks on their website https://www.ted.com/    or their Ted Talks YouTube Channel  and use their search tool to find anything related to media. There will be a lot of videos from mass-media to how social media influences our behavior or even speculations about what the future might hold concerning the online world. The one that I enjoyed most is a talk by teacher Jerry Kane and it is called Social Media…You haven’t seen anything yet and I invite you all to click on it and have a look!



  1. Ana, this is an excellent website to use for educational information as it always hosts reputable speakers. The other good part about it is that you don’t have to read anything! We all must admit that it is far more enjoyable to listen to someone speak than it is to read words on a webpage. It is often far more interesting and engaging as it adds the human element and provides the text with emotional charge. Can you also find Ted Talks on You Tube?


  2. This is a great resource! I have watched many Ted Talks and really enjoy it. As you said, they cover any topic and on a global scale. So whenever I want to know more about something I go on their website. And what I like most about Ted Talks, is that it is an interesting way of exchanging experience and knowledge. 🙂


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