The Journalist’s Toolbox

To begin with, I must admit it was difficult finding a useful online resource because in this day and age we use infinite online sources without realising how easy they make our lives and how useful they are. I am a BA Journalism student hence, I spend a lot of my time reading and discovering data online. In journalism, we use two techniques to gather information to create a story, especially in online journalism; these are Aggregation and Curation. Aggregation refers to gathering data from other sources and curation is linking it as one for your audience. These techniques are used to support the story.

Journalist’s Toolbox is a special archive of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) that has many listicles providing a gateway to other websites and services under that category. It has categories ranging from broadcast journalism, crime, lifestyle, federal government, etc. Can you imagine clicking on a category and it leads you to lists of other sources that you most probably wouldn’t know of?

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.29.25 pm
To give you an example- you are a student on DMC or Radio or Journalism. You need to make sure your work is in line with media law and ethics. You simply go on Journalist’s Toolbox, click on Ethic category on the right and it leads you to a list with links to:

Need another example? Hypothetically, you need to produce an analytical essay on the outburst of Global Journalism. Here is how Journalist’s Toolbox will help! The list goes on…

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.07.40 pm.png

Journalist’s Toolbox is a one stop destination to the world of journalistic research. Most importantly, it is a credible source because it is an initiative of the SPJ who themselves have contributed to improving and protecting Journalism since 1909. In spite of Journalist’s Toolbox being aimed at American audience, it often has a general outlook. They have a huge archive that they systematically maintain according to months and post a monthly update with current affairs.

As a media student, this resource can come in handy while writing essays, reporting, making radio or TV features or simply as research for your work. I highly encourage you to explore this site for yourself and I hope it helps you just as much as it helps me in my journalistic advent.

Rituja Rao



  1. Rituja, I love this! I never knew about it and even though I am not studying Journalism, I find it really useful because I am a Media student. It surely makes our work easier but most importantly, it is so great because it is reliable. We live in a world where we have a lot of information and different perspectives about a certain issue but most of the sources are hardly reliable so having one tool to use in order to find true facts is actually quite amazing.


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