“Top 500 sites on the web”

I once heard about this website in a lecture, where you could see what the most popular websites in the world were. If you were to think about what websites we use on a daily basis, you could probably guess correctly what the most popular website in the world is. But I find it intriguing to see websites from other countries come into it, websites we may not know of, as it gives us an idea of how individuals like ourselves in other countries use the internet.

The website is called Alexa and is, curiously, owned by Amazon. The company itself is called Alexa Internet, inc. and provides web information, collects web traffic data and rankings of websites from all around the world.

On the website, you can see the top 500 websites internationally, by country or by category. It ranks the websites, and posts a short description underneath of the website and its uses.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 19.08.50

I don’t think it’s particularly surprising that the most popular website is Google, but it is interesting to see different websites we might not know of – such as Baidu.com or Qp.com, both Chinese websites.

Personally, I thought it would be a good online source for this module because of how useful it could potentially be. It is also interesting to see how websites that we use compare on a wider scale and how, in comparison, we looked at the history of the internet last week and this website shows the extent to which it has grown. To put it into perspective, 500 websites seems like a large amount. However, this website shows that there are less than 1 billion websites, so really 500 websites are just a small fraction of the amount out there.


Joanne Clark



  1. I think it’s great that you have shared this website as it can be a great tool to conduct research. Especially for those who may want to move to another country and set up a website but are not aware of what is popular or if there is gap in the market for a particular service.


  2. Great example. I didn’t know Alexa and I believe is truly interesting. As you said Google at the first place is not surprising, but analysing the list more accurately I think we can find interesting sites. I study PR and Advertising and often I am looking for sites with a lot of visits to understand where to advertise the campaigns I am working on to be visible. Thank you for a great advice!


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