Box of Broadcasts is an online website , which allows students to watch and record any broadcast programme from 60+ TV and radio channels. As a PR student this has been a very useful website , as it has allowed me to to watch programmes such as The Today show which unfortunately airs at six in the morning , as I am unable to listen to it at that time , after lectures I simply go on to the website and listen to the radio show on my phone.

What I personally love about the website, is that there is no expiry date on the clips or videos , instead everything is simply stored in a media archive , meaning that you can watch that same clip or video over and over again. The website is also extremely easy to use and is in fact a bit like BBC I player , however BOB has a lot more to offer. The website also has user friendly features for example , the programmes come in 10 different languages, you have the ability to access and watch programmes on your phone , which I have found very handy and the website is also free so you do not have to pay a subscription fee.


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  1. I have never heard of this website, so thanks firstly for sharing this blog post. I also do PR so I will start using this website, I think the good thing you have commented is that the videos do not expire which is such a useful tool, as being able to research old content is very useful.


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