BuzzFeed is more than Disney Quizzes!

Although BuzzFeed may be perceived as a website used only for procrastination, Believe it or not it does have more to it than ‘What Disney Princess are you?’ Quizzes and ’26 Things Everyone who is slightly obsessed with wine will just get’ lists.

If you can break away from the Homepage onto some of the other tabs (yes there are other tabs) such as News, Business, Food, Science, LGBT and Podcasts just to name a few. You will actually find some extremely useful and knowledgeable information.

BuzzFeed manages to combine all trending and important news under one branding ‘BuzzFeed’ but with many different outlets including a huge YouTube following, podcasts, twitter and Apps. This aspect to BuzzFeed makes it extremely easy for students to collect and learn information easily from one website.

BuzzFeed has managed to nail social sharing to become a media giant for our generation, but why is it helpful to students? BuzzFeed actually gives really good analytics, better than some news sites, and it is faster, more hard hitting and interesting to read.


Below is a screenshot of the kind of sections on BuzzFeed.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 16.16.25.png

I also found a really great blog post about a university professor who set students the task of creating ‘Click Bait’ for BuzzFeed. The blogger called Scott Cowley who is also a marketing researcher and strategist poses an interesting point he says ‘The media giant now boasts more content sharing volume on Facebook than the New York Times, BBC, or Fox News.’ (check out the post by clicking the link)

He asked his students to write an article for BuzzFeed in the community CMS Section. Believe it or not but the class’s blog page received an average of 1,085 page views per article, partly skewed by some heavy hitting articles that soared past 10K views that week.

BUZZFEED IS GREAT! Check it out…and try not to get distracted…










  1. I really like your approach to the topic and the way you weren’t trying to write about something “serious”. As a journalism student, I am aware of what BuzzFeed contains of apart from quizes and other amusements, too, I like the way you describe its advantages and the way you recommend it. I could say from my own experience, that BuzzFeed does have good analytics, and sometimes I find it more useful to turn to it, than to The Guardian.


  2. Hey Eliza

    I agree with the idea that BuzzFeed works really well and this can be proved because they have more than 200 million visitors every month. People like to differentiate between “serious” news and entertainment but I think that it is a great idea to offer them both in the same platform, at the end everybody likes pictures of cute dogs and a bit of gossip.

    I find very interesting the way they work with the so called advertorials. BuzzFeed does not annoy visitors with advertisement popping up without letting them enjoy the website content, however brands have the option to sponsor spots on the site. This means that BuzzFeed consumers will enjoy the content but they will still be part of an advertising audience that companies like Nike, Captain Morgan or Coca Cola target. BuzzFeed’s mixing of serious and stupid offers a fresh challenge to traditional media companies that are constantly battling for user’s time and attention.

    For more information I want to share with you an article about BuzzFeed and its random ways of advertising. Last month (January 2016) Buzzfeed broke the UK advertising rules for failing to make clear than an article about Laundry was an advertorial paid by the company Dylon. The controversy was generated because the content appear as an ordinary article and they did not clearly specify that it was advertising. Please find the link attached if you want to find out more about this story.

    Apparently as mentioned before, traditional media companies are not very keen of following BuzzFeed innovative ways.


  3. I think your post was really good ! I have always been a fan of BuzzFeed even before it became popular and mainstream. I think the site is really useful whether it has video’s about fun facts or on serious topics such as Black History Month. I think the site as a whole due to its creativity is a great sight, especially for students because it sparks a lot of creativity from its diverse approach to certain subjects. I always go on to BuzzFeed as I find I have always gone away learning something new. I also like the fact that on their Youtube channel they have BuzzFeed Yellow, Blue and Violet which do videos on different subject matters. I would definitely recommend this site to students if they haven’t already heard of it.


  4. I feel like you described Buzzfeed really well as a new and modern site that tells us the news but in a different type of way a way I fee attracts more to the younger generation with the type of language and pictures it uses. Buzzfeed knows how to attract to our ages for example it’s use of GIFS, it knows that everyone our age is using them at the moment to reply to a certain fact or someone.


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