Factiva is described as being the world’s leading source of premium news, data and insight. I have decided to share it as I have previously used it as a research tool for last semesters modules and believe it will be useful for the upcoming essay.

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Factiva lets you search for a topic and it will find all sources with articles that are all relevant to that topic which have been published in the particular date range you select, this can be form days to years. When searching, you are able to restrict your search to sources from a particular region, industry, publication or even author.

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When you search for a topic, you are given a range of statistics and figures regarding how many people were also searching it each week, giving you an insight into when the topic was popular in the news.

Now for the bad news, a subscription to the service costs $399 per month, what a bargain. However, luckily as students of University of Westminster we get free access to the service. To use the service you have to log onto the university library website, and click on ‘online access’, a link to it can be accessed here.

I would highly recommend Factiva, it was very helpful for me when doing essay work and hopefully you all can make use of it too!




  1. I’ve heard people mention Factiva before but never knew what it was. This is really insightful as finding good sources is something that can be a real struggle sometimes when writing academic essays. As for the subscription fee… Wow! Thank goodness for our library services which is another great online source in itself. Our library allows us to access hundreds of books online for free as students which is a privilege as it is always feesible to go to the library itself so having it at your fingertips is a fantastic source. Even more so when it leads you to sights such as this that can provide so much help when it comes to essays and research.


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  2. Definitely something really worthwhile to look for when doing essays!
    Lecturers from my PR modules have already mentioned this platform before. However I never really knew what was it for.
    It is a really sophisticated website.
    Maybe, the price of this expensive subscription assures how vast and reliable this source of information is.
    I also feel really glad that our university provides us free access through the library.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.


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