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In regards to Network Society and the Media in particularly, Forbes is an online resources that is useful for students. Some of Forbes headliner stories today are their plan on Ad Blocking, Twitter, and updates on the site LinkedIn. As students who are studying the network society and as daily web users, these are all relevant topics to us. Forbes is a leading Internet media company, they are one of the most trusted resources for business and investment leaders. Their online website includes original reporting in real time on business and technology, among many other things. They have a wide variety of interactive tools including calculators and databases according to

In the search bar if a user were to type in “social media”, the top stories that arise are regarding Facebook statistics, Politicians ability to post on twitter and diversity in the media. I think it is important as people who seek to grasp a better understanding of the changes happening in the world around us that we rely on secure websites such as Forbes to obtain that information. I found it interesting that during one of the first modules we discussed ad blocking and their headline stories for “social media now” was “Inside Forbes: More Numbers On Our Ad Blocking Plan – and What’s Coming Next”. This goes to show that they are with the times and understand what their users desires and needs are.



  1. This is actually a really useful website for media students generally, and now that we are looking at Network Society and Media as a topic, you’re right. it is even more relevant. As media students it is essential that we know what is going on in the world whether it is big new headlines regarding the government, or if it is in regards to what is happening with Twitter, we should be in the know. And with the modern world so glued to the internet and social media it is becoming more and more important that we know what is going on online as this is where we find much of our audience and readers, and where so much promotion work is carried out as well as professional networking. Definitely a great online source choice!



  2. Your post has really enlightened me about how useful Forbes can be as a website to students nowadays. I would have never thought that Forbes would have been relevant to the topics that we discuss in class. I think it is good that the website highlights issues such as ad blocking



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