Ideas worth spreading

When I read this week’s assignment, the first resource that came to my mind was TED Talks have become really popular over the past few years, and each day the website keeps growing, having more than 2100 talks on different topics. The conferences started in 1984 from observing a convergence among three fields: technology, entertainment and design, and after failing to hit the market at the time, funders Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks tried again years later, achieving their goal and making the TED conference an annual event, but it ran exclusively to for those people that got an invitation. In 2006, the first six TED talk conferences were uploaded online, and the gained so much views that the site was relaunched the next year around these.

I believe TED Talks gained their popularity because they give us access to information directly from experts on a selected topic. It covers from business, technology, global issues and science, to more ‘creative’ topics such as design and entertainment. Not only that, it counts with a variety of languages, which gives this online source more accessibility from all over the world. I would recommend it not only for learning purposes, but for entertainment as well.

Give it a try!

-Patricia Sanchez



  1. No matter what the topic is, Ted Talks are probably the best possible resource. I agree with you, that the best thing about this is that the information comes directly from experts. In my opinion, this makes these videos not just trustworthy, but also interesting. They are also easy to access and not very long, which makes them the perfect resource for all the young people, who claim that they ‘do not have time to read’… The truth is, that they just find it extremely boring and would rather spend their time on social media.


  2. I think TED talks are really great because a viewer can learn about a subject from watching an expert, rather than say, reading from a page. People learn differently so this is a great resource to share, some people may want to read a book or research online, but some may want to watch something in order to gain information. There are also a wide range of subjects so it makes it varied and interesting.


  3. I agree with you that Ted is definitely a useful source. The content is reliable because it comes straightforward from the scholars and expert. And the most important thing is that it is interesting and the presentations are always clear and well-structured. We can not only gain the information we need from the presentations, but also some skills.


  4. I couldn’t agree more, ted talks are so inspiring and it is definitely a useful source. I think it is good because you know the content that they are talking about is accurate as ted talks are made by professionals. It is also good because you are not just reading information from a webpage but you are actively watching, and engaging with the videos. Thanks for you blog post!


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