Learn, learn and learn… But how, again?

Some months ago, a friend posted on Facebook that she had just completed a Nutrition and Wellbeing course. She shared a print screen with her certificate, proving that she had joined it. It called my attention as a subject that I’m interested in. She told me, then, that the course was offered in English, by the University of Aberdeen. It was an online course and, the best part: 100% free!

Obviously I researched more about it, once she sent me the link. I got amazed! I found out that the course was actually offered in a platform called Future Learn, that provides hundreds of other courses. All them online, all them for free.

Offering distance and online education, Future Learn is a private company owned by The Open University. They have partners around the world, such as UK and international universities and many institutions –British Council and British Library are great examples.

The most interesting from this platform is the huge variety of courses available. All them offering videos, audios, articles, sometimes even tests and assignments. Also, offering the opportunity for you to make comments and discuss with all people who are doing the same course as you.

To give you a glimpse, some of the current courses being offered goes from “Introduction to Dutch” until “Discover Dentistry”. Directly linked with our module, there are “The Internet of Things” offered by King’s College, “Community Journalism: Digital and Social Media”, by Cardiff University and many others.

By now, I’m studying exactly the Nutrition and Wellbeing and another one that explores the English language through Shakespeare’s plays and poetries. Not to mention that it is also very practical, once I can access my weekly lessons on my mobile, my tablet or my laptop at any time I want to!

For me, it is one of the most amazing advantages of the internet so far: the simple and easy way users can access knowledge. Also, it turns the learning experience into something more enjoyable and social.

However, is it really the “future learn”? I still strongly believe in the traditional ways of education. But will face-to-face interaction resist virtual learning?



  1. Such a great platform! Thank you for sharing this. There are various courses, so everybody can find something useful and interesting for them. You can browse by categories, and the “Online Media & Arts” seems quite interesting. There are courses such as “Digital Leadership” and “Learning Online: Managing Your Identity” that would be particularly useful for this module. Definitely my new favourite online resource!


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