Motivational/Advice Resource

I’ve decided to find a motivational/advice resource for people to use, I’m sure we all have bad days and maybe doubts about where we are and where we going. So my first recommendation is a YouTube channel geared towards entrepreneurship but the information provided can benefit anybody. It was created by Evan Carmichael who at 19 built then sold a biotech software company and at 22 was a VC helping raise $500k to $15mil. It comprises of videos from people like Steve Job, LL Cool J, Peter Jones (BBC Dragons Den) and Tony Stark himself Elon Musk sharing their experiences and advice on how to be successful. Once you watch a few of these videos you’ll quickly learn there is more than one path to being successful. The greatest tool you have aside from your skills is your mentality, determination and dedication to succeed. It’s also that entrepreneural spirit which led to the creation of FaceBook and every other popular Social Networking site today.
Evan Carmichael Youtube:

I would also like to leave a link for an amazing speech by Denzel Washington called ‘Fall Forward’.


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  1. I think this is a creative way of suggesting an online resource. The channel you have mentioned above might not be a conventional resource aiming to inform, but it is clearly a source of motivation and inspiration. And this is something everyone needs from time to time.


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