On The Blogosphere’s Playground

Who are we? Media students! What do we want? Learn and understand how media works! And how do we want to do this? By surfing on the internet!

Recently, I have stumbled upon an article entitled 100 Best Blogs for New Media Students. It draws up a complex list of blogs providing thought-provoking and useful information for any media student. Below, based on this article, I have compiled a list of thee blogs suitable for our module:

  • jilltxt.net– Professor Jill Walker approaches topics related to social media. Among others, her blogs offers guidance for the media students interested in explanation behind the heavily circulate visuals within social media (Kendall Jenner’s instagram picture) also indicating how social media is widely used.
  • virtualpolitik.blogspot.com – It is a dynamic blog touching various topics, from politics and culture, to media and technology. It provides students with a complex perspective upon the networking society and its implications, further analysing the role played by the new media in society.
  • mathewingram.com/work– On his blog, Mathew Ingram discusses about the technology and the media in general. It is particularly useful for the journalism students who will learn about the media outlets, the social media’s effect on journalism or the media’s relationship with technology.

Feel free to use these online sources as your future magnifying glasses. They aim to build a bigger picture upon networking society and suggest how it shapes media and society as whole. Have you read any of these blogs or perhaps similar ones?


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  1. Honestly, I did not think a blog would be a reliable source of information until I saw your post. I think the examples you have given seem to be blogs to a professional level, and as we know we can not trust everything that’s on the web, these three blogs seem to give out real information and not something that was made up. Very useful!

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