Social Media/What you should know


Social Media plays a big part in the media and I think it’s a crucial thing to know about as it does not only effect us students but it effects the whole world as it has become the biggest and most fastest way we communicate with each other in the year 2016. Unlike technology such as iPhones and iPads, social media changes a lot more quick as it only takes someone to create an app that becomes the next big thing and if you don’t know much about social media I think there is a big chance you will be left behind in the new way people communicate.

I found this video on YouTube about the social media and how it is changing the world. I feel this really gives people insight into certain facts about social media that they didn’t know about before quickly and easily. The video does not over complicate things like some of the websites I looked up where it was just endless pages of writing, the text is bold and clear and appealing for the audience to read. “Social Media has become the #1 activity on the web” this fact from the video shows the power social media has on us and the way it has taken over, I mean if you think back to 2007 social media existed but not in the way we know it today. The scale has become much bigger and faster. The video also tells us about how social media has now infected our offline relationships and divorce happens a lot because of Facebook and what people are hiding which is a really interesting fact on its own.


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  1. I found the video very interesting and informative! I learnt a lot of things which I would never have thought to be true such as Youtube being the 2nd highest search engine in the world.
    Our generation rely on the internet and social media an awful lot now and after the figures shown on the video I think it would be very difficult to ever go back.


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