Why youtube is important?


As a media student, Youtube is such a useful tool to use when researching about specific opinions, videos, songs, talks and pretty much anything. I am a public relations student and I love yt_1200-vfl4c3t0kusing youtube to watch current launches of shows, how have they been perceived? What are the peoples opinions on certain issues, is also a an area that is useful when using youtube as you can find out about different people across the world. This can be from a guy giving his opinion on a UK general election, to a video of Lady gaga singing at a show in Madison garden to 15k+ people . There are so many ways to use youtube and for useful information.

Youtube has made itself to be a useful tool where you can find out the daily happenings in the world, obviously the youtube homepage has many useful videos to what is happening in todays society. The hashtag #PopularOnYoutube allows users to find out content that is happening throughout the world all on one page. bb2874e67d375f212ea43f07273553c9

From a university/college students point of view, youtube is a very useful tool which allows students to find out different opinions and theories on a specific topic, which is essential when doing a essay or a research project. Its also more interactive and interesting compared to having to read a book.





  1. I actually do agree that YouTube is absolutely irreplaceable tool for a contemporary media student. It contains of loads of media texts, that might be useful for university assessments or personal interest. To be honest, I never thought of YouTube this way, but I’m really planning to use it as a source next time I’ll have to write something on a specific topic. Thanks for the great idea!


  2. I definitely agree that YouTube can be a great tool for us to discover the trends of the media and to have useful data regarding what we are studying. Its immense database full of information covers pretty much everything, but I believe we should be particularly critical when using YouTube to select what can be used as evidence for our work.


  3. When writing my post on this topic the idea that youtube being a resource that us students go to for information/ entertainment/ education totally went over my head! I guess i it shows how much i take it for granted as an easily accessible tool! As in the comments above, i am going to start searching youtube to get ideas and information for my studies, i think its a great alternative to the standard google search i would usually do!


  4. I agree with everything you said. YouTube is one of the biggest sources of information we have, and it is amazing the amount of things you can find in there. Also useful, when some channels (especially news channels) do live streamings, which is something not many people are aware of


  5. As a radio student, Youtube is a great way to add visualisation to a blind media like Radio. It is a great platform for students to expose their work or opinions.

    It also has become a archive for videos, an endless catalogue of videos. This can be extremely useful for students…if for example you are looking for a shampoo commercial from the 1950’s…I am sure you can find in on youtube!

    In fact….Here it is!


  6. I agree with you , YouTube is a useful online source, I often find myself researching a specific topic that I do not understand and there is always a video there to help me , its amazing how easy it is to access information on YouTube and the amount of information that is available.


  7. I think you have made a really good point about YouTube and the way it is now used to communicate different cultures and show a massive range of people’s tastes and what they are interested in. I personally think YouTube is getting much better at showing people’s talent and what they are most passionate about, whether that be sharing a video, seeing what other people have liked or uploading a video yourself viewing your opinion or showing people what you can do.


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