The Internet: Then and Now

Whilst learning about the history of the internet, I soon realised that many, if not all, of the internet’s revolutionary events occurred in the late 20th century. On the timeline provided, the last date recorded is 2007, the year in which there was a major move to have TV shows online. Therefore, it appears that nothing has happened in the last decade that is worth talking about in terms of the revolution of the internet. We have certainly experienced a vast array of major developments, including global communication, the popularity of social media, and the speed of the internet, but none of these have appeared to cause drastic change amongst our society and therefore are not labelled as ‘revolutionary’. Of course, some developments could be seen as revolutionary – take online shopping, for example. Sites such as Amazon and eBay have allowed consumers to browse through products they desire and purchase them without having to go into stores. However, these sites could just be seen as developments of the revolutionary event where ‘WWW’ was created, which essentially allowed online shopping to take place. I therefore find it interesting how we are developing what is already out there on the internet, such as websites, social media, software, communication, and even emoticons, rather than successfully enforcing completely new concepts and ideas.


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