Convergence and social media

I believe that social media is a typical example of convergence. It is actually a collection of technology, culture and media convergence.

Thanks for these convergences, we can read news, watch cooking tutorials and share our thoughts on social networks. We don’t need to buy newspapers day by day to get in touch with the current news. We can communicate with people around the world to exchange the knowledge and lives by iMessages or WhatsApp. We can easily find our friend on Facebook or Twitter due to the metadata and algorithm. And these are the power of convergence in social media which makes our lives more convenient.

However, the bad implements cannot be ignored. Obviously, people are getting more and more lazy; there are lack of face-to-face communication; students cannot concentrate on studying and their eyesight is keeping dropping over and over again. Some young adults even get nomophobia which is a fear being out of mobile contact.

While the convergence of social media is providing us convenience, we are getting lazy. But while the bad implements are gradually appearing, it stimulates other platforms to develop. For instance, “forest” is an app to avoid you being addicted by your phone. Apple company evaluated this app as “amazing app”.


So everything is double-edged. Obviously, we know the disadvantages of convergence but we still cannot live without its power. This is the glamour of convergence.



  1. I have never heard of nomophobia but I am sure it is a real phobia- how ridiculous! I have also never heard of the “Forest” app but I think it is cool that apps like that exist to counteract the addiction too many people have to their devices. While there are apps that encourage couch potato behavior, I think there are also a handful of apps that have a purpose to motivate people. Convergence has expanded very far when we consider the development of apps when the original purpose of a cell phone was to simply make calls.

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