Media Convergence X-Factor

I want to start my post defining media convergence which is the fusion of at least two types of media in mutually beneficial projects. For my convergence example I have chosen one of the top programs in the UK: The X-factor. The X-Factor is a British reality television music competition to find new singing talents, created by Simon Cowell in 2004.

Producers of the reality television show use the Internet to drive audience interest in order to promote upcoming episodes. The program has a Youtube channel where audience can watch, share, post or like performances on demand. It also offers extra content like backstage clips, gossip or interviews if the audience wants to know more. In addition, if you visit their Youtube channel you will find X-Factor links to ITV or UTV.

This is a clear example of media convergence. While the show is TV media, it supports itself with the Internet. Before the media convergence era TV programs had an air slot a week and that was all people would know about them, whereas now is 24/7 online. Furthermore, this also benefits the audience as they have extra content, can watch their favourite show anytime and get additional information.

Thanks to media convergence there is a broader media industry as there are no limits to share content anymore.

Do you think that the X-Factor would have been so recognisable without the media convergence?

Find here the online links about the TV program:


Elena Munoz



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