Media Convergence

The blending of boundaries into one digital form can be seen all over the Internet these days. We see examples of media convergence when Facebook offers news articles, Instagram shows promotions and ads in every other photo on our feed, news television shows all have their own website where web browsers can search for specific articles, twitter has become a platform where political candidates and news broadcasters share their knowledge and opinions for people to absorb even though that wasn’t it’s original intention. Media convergence is everywhere and as media consumers we can’t avoid the implications.

The implications for media users are constantly absorbing information that they may not have been seeking out. With media convergence, we have all the more reason to be constantly connected because we can be gaining more from less. In the same regard, having the ability to turn to one medium and gain a multitude of information from the source could mean spending less time on our devices. Media convergence gives us the opportunity to go to one place to collect different kinds of information.

Facebook has become a place where media, news and publishing sources such as Elite Daily can make posts that flow right along in our news feed with the cat videos our aunt feels the need to share. Elite daily’s Facebook page is an example of media convergence because they are using the medium of Facebook to share news and other stories they see as relevant to their viewers.



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