MTV – Music Television

Nowadays we have a lot of different kind of convergence…

For this blog post, I wanted then to bring up an example of convergence from few years ago: MTV. Launched on August 1981 in USA, the creation of MTV (Music Television) is a brilliant example of media convergence. It mixed together components of radio and television creating a completely new form of entertainment.

The implication that MTV had on the media industry was of course an increase of the cost of production for the music (from that moment, every song had to have a video also) and the need for competitive strategies.

mtv-logo1With the years MTV changed a lot. The original purpose of the channel was to play music video guided by television personalities known as “video jockeys” (VJs), nowadays the format is changed a lot and it is not just about music, but it broadcasts a lot of reality shows and series.

From 1981 until now MTV became not just an example of media convergence, but also global convergence: MTV, in all these years, has launched numerous native-languages channels to countries around the world, provoking circulation of media content and a diminution of geographically defined audience as implication of the users.





  1. I hadn’t thought of MTV as a mode of media convergence. I didn’t realize the original purpose of MTV was to play music only. To think of all the shows they have produced since their start, to imagine MTV only showing music videos it doesn’t seem like it would be MTV! I think this brings up a good point, media convergence has become so common, it is hard to detect.

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  2. I remember watching MTV as a kid! However, I haven’t seen it for a while – I stopped watching TV long ago. To be honest, I never thought of MTV this way. But even though MTV is a television form creation and it doesn’t seem to be that popular anymore, I think there is a wider replacement for it online – YouTube. The same space for music videos and songs, with even more opportunities. Which, by the way, is another perfect example of convergence.


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