Global Convergence

Global convergence is defined as media shared around the world which causes it to be more globalised, because of the different cultures.

A good example of this would be within the Hollywood entertainment industry, Asian films have become very popular, this is because of the global circulation of Asian Popular Cinema , through actors such as Jackie Chan who have introduced us to films , that are about Kung Fu and Martial arts, we have now come to embrace and love these movies.  How many of you guys have watched Rush Hour 1,2&3 ? There are many more other movies such as the classics Crouching Tiger and Hidden dragon , which have all become significant movies within the Hollywood entertainment industry, that we now have a specific genre for these movies( Kung Fu Films).

However there are disadvantages to cultural convergence, Doug gave a particular interesting example in the lecture, about an image and website which Dino Ignacio created called Bert is evil. What fascinated me was , the fact  that the image managed to find itself at rallies by pro bin laden protestors in Pakistan, the image was created in America then travelled to Bangladesh and found itself in Pakistan. I am sure the individuals who were waving around the flags, had no clue who Bert from sesame street was and if they knew the two images wouldn’t have been together. Overall, there will always be disadvantages an advantages to anytype of convergence , but  it is up to as individuals to use this new found knowledge in a positive light and to help others.

What are your thoughts ?


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  1. I think your post is really good and interesting. I agree with you that global convergence has allowed us to be exposed to different cultures in film and music which means we are more culturally aware.

    Being exposed to different types of film through convergence can have its ups and downs as you mentioned, of course it is great that we embrace other cultures, but sometimes this can lead to stereo types being made about a certain culture due to the same type of genre being put out there on film.

    Sometimes we need to be aware to go beyond convergence sometimes and not just believe everything film tells us about a culture, after all it is entertainment but sometimes it can be offensive to others.


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