Blog Post #3 – Convergence (TWITTER)

Twitter is one of the biggest parts of social media and has millions upon millions of users logging in everyday. It used to be a site where you could just tweet your opinion, spread the word about a business or retweet and share other peoples tweets and is a really good platform to spread the word about a brand, movie or new music as one tweet can get shared to millions of people in the matter of minutes.

However Twitter has recently changed and now has a section you can tap on called ‘Moments’ when you tap on this button you are automatically taken to the news page. This news page on Twitter is an easier way to access what everyone is talking about, what is happening in the world and it also has a similar layout to the Daily Mail App. Twitter’s ‘News’ section is also similar to Buzzfeed’s in the way it appeals to a younger type of audience as the language used is more modern and less formal. It also gives you the option to view ‘Today’s Hottest Tweets’ to really keep people informed about whats the new thing people are talking about everyday. People say that they wake up and check twitter like its the morning newspaper and twitter has taken that literally and created a new section where you can now read the worlds news more officially at just a touch of a button. Now you don’t even need to leave Twitter to properly check the world news as it’s all inside this one social app.


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