Convergence at its best

Ever since the explosion of internet, media has gone through major and fast changes and if we stop to think about it, it’s still changing as we speak. One of these changes is related to media convergence.

Basically, the term convergence refers to a fusion, two separate things combining and resulting into one. As far as media is concerned, convergence means two separate media melting into one which takes the characteristics and properties of both.

There are so many examples of this kind of convergence, from online TV and Radio to smartphones, e-books and reading the news online. Yes! Who would have thought 50 years ago that someone will be able to read his newspaper online? In the UK, national newspapers and also a lot of local ones have an online platform where anybody can subscribe and read their stories no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Isn’t that one of the most beautiful things about media nowadays? Today, British newspapers reach their audience not only through the newspaper itself, but also through the online environment and it definitely makes everybody’s life easier, more comfortable and absolutely convenient.



  1. I like your post because in my opinion the newspaper convergence might be the one that affects us particularly as media students. It is very good that people have the personal choice to buy print newspapers or read the news online. However on the other hand the fact that everything is changing to digital is terminating with the traditional newspaper industry. Last year (2015), the British national press loss a total of 516,778 readers that swapped to digital.

    It would be a shame that traditional industries like the press disappeared completely because of young generation habits, as there are still very large numbers of people that consume print media nowadays.


  2. Hi , your blog post is a very interesting one and can be a debate for argument whether convergence to digital newspapers is a positive thing or if people prefer the standard newspapers. I personally do not buy many newspapers from the shops, due to the fact that news is so easily read online through forums, social media, online newspapers, and general websites in which give you the same news content quicker, easier and for free In most circumstances. Although the news from online sources can be inaccurate at times. The sad thing is I feel the newspapers will die out eventually and will mean we will be viewing all our content online.


  3. I like this post because I think it’s something most of us can relate to, not only with The Guardian but with multiple newspapers. Nowadays it is easy to find them online and take with you everywhere on your phone. It also help the newspapers have an impact on an international level as they can be found online, while the printed copy can only be found in certain regions.


  4. I agree with your post because I think newspapers being online is a good way that includes our generation on the daily events of the world.

    I feel like convergence such as this is a good thing because now news is literally at the tips of our fingers and no one really has an excuse nowadays to not know what is happening around the world.

    It is so much easier now that news is online because everyone practically has a smart phone which enables us to have apps of the news that is regularly updated and easy to read.


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