Corporative social media?

Nothing was coming up as an interesting or an unpredictable example of convergence, until I checked my WhatsApp!

3A, the company I was working for at my home city, has a WhatsApp group. 3A’s owners, general coordinators and some other employees –from the sales team to the intern– are all in the group (don’t ask me why I’m still on it).

The company has been using WhatsApp as a way to communicate internally since four years ago. To arrange dates and times for future meetings, to update everyone with daily revenues, or to clarify any kind of doubt: the app has been efficient and essential to 3A’s routine.

It seems that social media continues to grow as an effective corporate communications tool. Then, apps and programs, which apparently are made for personal and social communications, are now been also used for professional communications.

Companies’ internal communications once was limited to intranet systems. As a convergence result, any meeting can now be made via programs such as Skype or Zoom, and internal communication can be made via any social media tool, such as Viber, WhatsApp or even Facebook.

Using these apps as a communication device has its ups and downs. A blurring boundary between personal and work spheres is what I personally experienced with the company 3A. Always being able to access information about your company is beneficial but, at the same time, exhausting, as I was connected with my work from everywhere at any time. There’s also an implication about security: is the information about the office’s work safe when shared in a social networking app? On the other hand, it is still dynamic for organisational communication. Also, it had enabled 3A to adopt more flexible working patterns and supports employees away from the workplace.

Have you ever experienced anything like this in previous or current jobs? What personally were the implications? Do you agree in companies using social media for communication?


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  1. I definitely agree with companies using social media as a way to communicate internally as it is obvious that nowadays everybody has access to the internet on their smartphones, tablets or any other devices so notices will be seen by everyone almost instantly! However, they need to be really cautious when in comes to online privacy!


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