Freedom to Read


The book industry is one of most recent content industries to go through the digital shift. Changing the way in which we publish books was first introduced at the beginning of the 2000’s when Google debuted a book-scanning project. The idea of having an eBook opens opportunities for authors to directly communicate with the reader.

The evolution of technology like the kindle makes it ever so easy to carry multiple books of multiple genres by all sorts of authors. This provides ease and escape for a reader, which is what today’s society love – ease, independence and immediate interactivity, which is what eBooks can provide. Moving from a print platform to digital can also be seen to save money.

However eBooks can cause implications as publishers may advertise features that come with the eBook but these won’t be available on all technologies linked to eBooks. For example some publishers only make content available for people with iPads and not iPods or iPhones and then others can get that content free on their kindle fire or notebook.

Personally i think it is a great example of convergence that has taken place as books are now accessible from anywhere, inviting and encouraging more people to read.



  1. I think it’s amazing how recently we have been reading books online. To be honest I read all my books using the kindle app or online and don’t really remember the last time I read a real book. I must say having all our university books online makes it much easier for us! I just can’t believe this happened as early as the 2000’s.


  2. Although, I will always prefer real books, it is amazing for me to know, that I can access millions of books online.
    eBooks have many advantages, but, in my opinion, the greatest one is that they encourage young people (who are usually not really into reading) to read more. This is because eBooks are more interesting, easier to access and somehow count as ‘new technology’.


  3. For me, eBook is one of the best inventions! Before I get in touch with eBooks, I have several boxes of paper books which are very heavy but I don’t want to throw or sell any one of my books. eBook definitely makes my life easier. Unfortunately, some form cannot be shown on the eBook. AndI think eBook is only for relaxing, if you want to really study from the books, the paper books are still the best choice.


  4. I think the ebook is one of the most handy examples of media convergence. Reading is a must and before it used to be a big effort for people to go to the library, get the heavy books and carry them home. However the ebook is so light and we can have many different types of books in that little device.
    Also a really helpful tool of the ebook is that you can search words. For example if i want to see where the author talks about a specific character or topic, i can just search them and it will take me to the pages straight away.
    Another advantage is that the books are cheaper this way. The fact that there is no printing or no delivery fees makes books more accessible.

    People should read as much as possible and ebook makes it easy for us!


  5. I agree with your point… eBook is a great example of convergence. The image you post it make the best aspect of eBook very clear: the convergence of traditional paper books and a modern technological device is a great tool to bring a huge number of books with us with no problems. And then if you think about how many other things we can do with the same device (calls, using internet, take pictures…) the concept of convergence will be even wider! The convergence of technologies and media is really making our life easier, or at least… less heavy! 🙂


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