Media Convergence – Netflix

The best example of convergence that I could think of, that relates to my every day life and my course is Netflix. Netflix started as a DVD rental company in the United State, similar to LoveFilm (if anybody actually remembers them!) that we had here in the UK. They went on to grow and become the online streaming service we know and love today. Netflix’s impact on the television and film industry has been remarkable. Suddenly Netflix has become a service where you not only watch an old television series that you haven’t seen or cared about for the last ten years, but it also has become a respected content producer, with many of it’s original programming receiving critical acclaim.


I personally no longer watch live television, any TV I watch is either through services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, or ‘OnDemand’ TV, such as BBC iPlayer, this alone shows the shift there has been in the way in which people watch television. As a result, Netflix as a company have converged with this shift in viewing platforms along with the fact that people no longer want to wait up to a week for the next disk, of the four disk box-set of their favourite TV show to arrive in the post!





  1. I personally do not watch live television, I prefer to watch every thing online through the sites which you have mentioned , this makes me question whether or not all the TV shows that we watch will shift online and we will no longer have a use for a TV ? , a good example of this would be the fact that BBC 3 are now online and no longer have a TV channel. Do you think we will no longer have a use or TV ?

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  2. Some other good and well-known forms of online TV services are Hulu and Roku. I am from the United States and we have completely gotten rid of cable TV in my household and solely use our Roku and Netflix account. If this trend catches on with more television watchers, the cable companies and large television networks will have to change their package deals and bundle options.

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