Online TV?

Two of the biggest types of Media are the Internet and Television. As we have heard a lot in the past few weeks, the Internet was invented in 1969 as a link between two universities in the United States, while the television was invented in 1927 in San Francisco, California. Both of these revolutionary ways of communication have had and keep having a huge impact on society, providing new changes and developments almost every year. But what would happen if instead of just keep evolving, these two Media channels got together to create a new, even more revolutionary platform? The answer is simple: Netflix.

Netflix is a global provider of streaming movies and TV series that was created in 1998. Although it started as an American DVD by mail service, the company knew how to keep up with all of the technological advances in the past ten years and started streaming online in 2007, expanding to stream in Canada three years later and nowadays serving more than 190 countries.

In my opinion, the most obvious way this famous platform has shown media convergence is with its original series: numerous TV shows that are only available online, and that are taking over the entertainment world, are a perfect example of the power that this combination has when it comes to new Media.



  1. Netflix is very relevant example of media convergence, but I love that you took it one further by mentioning their own original series’ that they produce. I think Netflix original series’ are proof of just how popular online streaming has become in recent years because their programmes have had such great success allowing more series and seasons to be created. Other online businesses have even taken note of how well Netflix’s original series’ are doing, and have began creating their own material, such as AmazonPrime, Hulu, and Yahoo! Screen.

    Jaye Dundas

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  2. I think you made an accurate observation Netflix producing their own content did ‘change the game’. The interesting thing is that Netflix still defined as an online streaming service and not an online television network. I’d say it’s only a matter of time before that changes.

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