Our whole life in just one device

I’ve spent hours of researching online, just to understand the term convergence and find a good example. But while going from one page to another I realised.. The answer was in my hands. 

As a representatives of the new generation, I think, that each of us owns a smartphone and uses it everyday. So we are all aware of the advantages that it offers. I don’t know about you.. but I have never actually thought about my phone as a replacement of many other things. Well it is – of a camera, a newspaper, a calculator, a calendar, a dictionary and so on. So if convergence is “coming together of distinct and separate factors or phenomenon such as technologies” (According to Business Dictionary), the smartphone, in my opinion, is the perfect example.


If few years ago our phones offered us some good advantages and were the replacement of some essential things from our everyday life .. Convergence-Smartphones

.. Today, ALL we need is our smartphone.


Examples of things, which an iPhone replaces: 

16165587-potrait-of-busy-business-man-do-more-than-one-job-Stock-Photo-multitasking-man-multiplego to the library > use iBooks (for magazines as well)
go to the supermarket > order online
buy newspapers > read online newspapers (download free news apps)
buy a dictionary > download one on your phone (or two or three..)
buy a map > use the ‘Maps’ app
buy a camera > you already have it
watch the weather forecast > use the ‘Weather’ app
search for information in Google > ask ‘Siri’

.. and these are just a few of the things, which I can do/access just by a click of a finger.



– everything happens faster hand-apple-iphone-smartphone
– our life is much easier
– less stressful
– it is also cheaper (no need to buy many devices. one is enough)
– more interesting (knowing that the whole world is in your hands is exciting, isn’t it?!)


To conclude, today’s smartphone puts everything we need in our everyday life together to make things much easier and faster for us. Unfortunately, we still have to eat, drink and go to the toilet by ourselves. But who knows how far would the development of new technologies go..

Thanks for reading

Let me know what you think 



  1. It is quite scary to see how often we rely on these devices as well for all these different types of media. A generic Tube ride is a perfect example. Every single person is glued to their phone; listening to music, reading the digital paper, surfing the web, texting or scrolling through social media. What if, we actually had to talk to each other?! How has having “smart phones” changed our culture?


  2. The last paragraph is quite scary..I agree with the other two comments. It reminds me the movies about artificial intelligence. Although the convergence brings us lots of convenience, we need to control the limits. Don’t let the movie become to the truth. But actually the smartphone has already occupied our time too much..


  3. I really liked your post. Your idea came in the same way as mine did: I was researching, trying to look for examples of convergence and then I’d just realized that I could actually talk about lots of things that were surrounding me by the time.

    Having the ‘world’ and your own ‘life’ in our hands is quite comfortable and much easier than it would be few years ago.

    However, at the same time, I feel that I’m always worried about my phone. I literally desperate when I can’t find it inside my bag, for example (THAT feeling that I believe everyone’s already experienced). It seems that my phone for me is more important than everything else!

    I had my phone stolen once and it was one of the worst things that have ever happened in my life. I lost pictures, drafts, notes, contacts and a range of important stuff… I felt totally lost and it seemed to me as I would have to begin my life again when with a new mobile phone.

    So, for me, this is a huge disadvantage in having everything needed in only one device.
    Although, besides it, mobile phone are definitely extraordinary as your post shows!


  4. It hasn’t even been ten years since that time, when we were using all of the devices separately, and now they can easily fit in our pocket…I agree, it is amazing! But as noticed above, quite scary, too. With the development of the technologies and devices, we become more and more dependent on them. Have you ever heard this phrase “Phones get smarter and thinner, people get fatter and dumber”? It might be an online joke, but it is true at some point. Quite an ugly truth, though.
    But I really liked your post and the way you presented the idea!


  5. It’s true that our smartphones are a big part of our day-to-day routine and we use them more than it is actually necessary, but we don’t use them just for communicating with our friends or certain groups. We also use them to work while being home or walking and most importantly, a lot of people are getting used to store everything important on their phones, such as passwords, private information, etc. This is rather concerning and everybody should be aware that storing private and important information on their phones is quite risky.


  6. Yes I am also very intimidated by the fast development of technology, I know how attached I am to my phone now and we can assume that technology is only going to get more advanced.

    I found your post really insightful and enjoyed how you set it out.


  7. I think this is a really good and popular point you are making and it’s something that has changed our world in the past 10 years. Technology in terms of phones has changed so drastically the past 7 years in terms of how we got hold of information such as news apps and social media we no longer have to leave the bed to even do the simple things such as calculate a simple sum. We are not communicating with each other in real life as much anymore because why do we need to when we have what’s app?


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