The Reborn

We are used to the fact that convergence is quite a contemporary concept, but have you ever thought that something that we can call “convergence” has existed ten or fifteen years ago? This week I would like to go back to history of the Internet and present you another “ancient” social network. Meet the greatest competitor of Facebook and the website, where some of you, probably, have spent your teenage years – MySpace.

MySpace has been launched in Beverly-Hills, California, in the middle of the year 2003, when social media still seemed to be something strange and unfamiliar. However, as a social network, MySpace became extremely popular – it has been announced to be the most visited website in the U.S., translated to 14 languages and admitted to be international. What is so special about it? It was one of the first social networks to combine several services simultaneously – it allowed to chat, to blog, to share photos and videos and to listen to various audio tracks at the same time. And this, to my mind, is one of the earliest examples of convergence.

In April 2008 MySpace overtaken by Facbook, and the number of its members started to decline rapidly. However, the year 2011 (right after Justin Timberlake successfully purchased the company to give it a new life) was announced to be the year of MySpace‘s relaunch. The number of new sign-ups started to grow from 0 to 40,000 users a day. In October 2013 MySpace had around 36 million users, and it is still active right now.

MySpace turns 13 this year. Would you give it another chance?



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  1. I really like your example, because it is something, that I would never think about.
    I remember back in the day, when my older brother and all his friends had a MySpace accounts. Although I knew how popular and ‘cool’ this social media was, I was too young to have my own account. And when I grew up Facebook was the new ‘cool’ place for connecting, so I never had the chance to use MySpace.
    After reading your post, however, I decided to finally make my own account. And I did it. It looks interesting and I will give it a chance 🙂

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