Storify: Voices worth sharing

Since the lecture on media convergence, the two words ring only one bell in my head- STORIFY! This week I am going to share with a wonder in media convergence, the most social event in history- Storify. Storify Inc. was launched in 2010, founded by Burt Herman and Xavier Damman. It is a powerful social media curation tool, used to aggregate and curate content from various social media outlets such as Facebooks, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram and Sound Cloud.

This platform gained major attention when almost all major news corporations started using Storify for coverage of ongoing news stories such as events, elections and major events. To give you an example, NBC used Storify to cover London Olympics, CBC used it for 2011 London Riots, and TRT World used it for UK general Elections 2015. Al Jazeera even has a show called ‘The Stream’ that gathers perspectives on news using Storify!

‘Don’t get lost in the noise. Discover the voices worth sharing’, is the official slogan of the company. And its objectives resonate this motto. Journalists use Storify to follow up on news stories and put together content that matters. They collect content from social networks, images, other news organisations, news wires, etc. And all of this curated content is credibly sourced!

To give you a simple example, here is my story on Storify. I have used my own text, some news stories- CNN, Guardian, Independent, still images, past interviews to give my story a background, live updates on build ups and gifs for an interactive element. I later shared my Storify post on my Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.

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This is a classic example of media convergence since it puts together different forms of media from different outlets. Finally binding it into one well researched story while being credibly sourced. Storify helps us research the wide web to pick important bits of media from a cluster of options. It has real world applications for journalists, PR managers and media stuents like you and I. I would describe Storify as a ‘One-Stop-Destination’ for everything the internet has to offer. I invite you to converge with the media wave by exploring Storify!

-Rituja Rao


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