As a Television student the area of convergence that interest me most is broadcast television and the internet, 20 years ago both existed separately but now seem inseparable. I can’t imagine not having the option or freedom to watch Sherlock on the BBC I Player at a time that I choose. TV Networks allowing their content to be viewed online was just the beginning of course with the launch of Hulu in 2007 which specialised in streaming American cable television online after the day they aired. However the real game changer in my opinion is Netflix and Amazon because they produce their own content and I can see more online television networks emerging doing the same. I don’t believe broadcast television is dying and if it is, it’s an incredible slow death. Therefore the growth of online television production should to more job opportunities for professional who want to work in television. It will also has an effect on the types of television shows being made for example the BBC and Channel 4 are limited by regulations about explicit content like violence, blood, gore etc. I couldn’t imagine the BBC or Channel 4 making a television show like The Walking Dead or Netflix Daredevil, although maybe the launch of BBC Three online may change this. Another aspect of online television that distinguishes it from broadcast television is the option for fans to binge watch due to full episodic seasons being released at once.



  1. I think that online television is a great example of media convergence. Now we are used to, but before it was impossible to think about watching a programme in any other time of the one it was broadcasted. I believe too that the traditional television will not disappear, but I think will be always more and more competition between the channels. What I mean is that with the raise of always more TV online channels, people will have more choice and broadcasters will have to work hard to keep the TV viewers in front of their programme.

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  2. You’ve made some really good points, I don’t think this is the death of broadcast television, although it is a large change. I also agree with the point you made about Netflix and Amazon’s making their own content. A lot of Netflix originals are really popular, even whole TV series that they add (e.g. How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory) which shows a real shift in what people watch. Even the attention they gain, with a new series of Orange is the New Black or House of Cards, I think it’s really interesting.


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